The supplementary steel spring
Kuhn StahLift

The principle:
Powerful supplementary steel compression coil springs are installed next to the original springs. The weight of the body as well as that of the load is therefore distributed over the original and supplementary springs, so relieving the leaf springs and resulting in a softer suspension.

With the help of this particularly effective and cost-effective supplementary spring it is now possible to raise the body considerably, so that it no longer impacts hard on the end stops of the axle. This then protects the body as well as the valuable fittings or load, because the spring travel has been extended and the ground clearance has been re-established. It is even possible to have an additional trailer and/or load carrier (roof rack), even when the vehicle itself is heavily loaded. The driving comfort is retained, as the springs are
operating perfectly. The shock absorbers do not need to work at the end of their operating range, thereby ensuring that the driving conditions are pleasant and safe. The traction of the front axle is increased and tyre wear is reduced.

The springs are located, fully protected, wide and centrally on top of the axle.

Installation is quick and easy.

All steel parts are durably galvanised. All supplementary springs are supplied with correction linkage for load-depending brake power control, which retains the basic setting of the brake power regulator and so ensures absolute safety when driving.

Released for increased weight

Released for increased weight