The supplementary pneumatic spring
Kuhn PneumaLift

The principle:
Powerful supplementary pneumatic springs are installed next to the original springs. The same characteristics apply as those described for the supplementary steel springs.

Supplementary pneumatic springs offer the following additional characteristics in comparison to supplementary steel springs:

The large bellows combined with low air pressure have excellent lifting capacities. The suspension remains pleasantly soft and comfortable. Thanks to the low air pressure the rubber fabric walls of the bellows and the compressor are well protected. All Kuhn "PneumaLift" supplementary springs are fitted with the pneumatic safety control technology system. Safety for safety's sake - choked hose safety non-return valves in 6 mm thick hoses, pressure gauge and inflation/deflation valves.

By increasing the pressure when manoeuvring, it is possible to lift the rear considerably, especially when driving on to a ferry.

Lateral inclination (tilt) due to asymmetric weight distribution can be compensated and the vehicle can be levelled on an uneven surface when in a parked position.
(Necessary additional equipment = dual chamber system)
Released for increased weight

Released for increased weight