The giant fuel tank

for the new Euro chassis = FIAT Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and CitroŽn Jumper 
from Kuhn Auto Technik, the specialist for custom automobile parts.

Standard tank made from black 
polyethylene ME 8131

The special fuel tank, with an approx. capacity of 135 l, can be installed in all types of vehicles, also those with special frames, such as from AL-KO, Bawemo, Bley or Sanmarco - but not four-wheel drive vehicles. Installation is simple: just change the original metal tank for the giant plastic tank. The filler hose, ventilating hose as well as the fuel level transmitter with suction and return pipe remain unchanged and can be connected to the special tank.

50 l more fuel tank capacity

around 1500 km range at a fuel consumption of 9 l/100 km- therefore 

fewer stops for refuelling and

refuelling is possible in almost all cases at "your" filling station

additional weight of the empty tank: 6 kg

additional weight of filled tank = 48 kg

The special tank has been type-tested by the T‹V and all necessary attachment parts, a new fuel tank transmitter seal, specific installation instructions and the specialist report specific to the part all form part of the scope of delivery. Supplementary equipment at extra charge is required for the petrol fuel tank version.