The history of the firm

Here you can read some interesting facts about the development of Kuhn Auto Technik.

1899 Johann Kuhn learns the blacksmith's trade
1904 Johann Kuhn receives his training certificate, entitling him to train apprentices.
1905 Foundation of the company based on a permit enabling him to work as a self-employed farrier
1905 Johann Kuhn receives his certificate as a master blacksmith. Start of the production of iron hardware for farm vehicles
1924 Start of the bicycles trade.
1928 The company turns its hand to motorcycles.
1930 The sons Peter and Felix take over the company and expand further into the automotive business.
1936 Felix Kuhn passes his master's examination in the automotive trade.
1947 Start of the production of a trademark, patented trailer tipper.
1955 The firm Peter Kuhn becomes a FIAT dealer and takes over the tractor products of the company KRAMER.
1961 The mass production of tractor cab roofs starts under the direction of Peter Kuhn.
1974 Hans Peter Kuhn, the son of Peter Kuhn, passes his master's examination on 08 May and takes over as Technical Director of the company and, 6 years later, becomes Managing Director.
1980 The firm produces a self-developed piece of equipment for easy valve adjustment for the FIAT organisation.
1982 Start of automotive parts production.
1986 Hans Peter Kuhn wins second prize at the Federal Innovation Competition for all trade and industry for the DEUTSCHEN HANDWERKSPREIS (GERMAN CRAFT PRIZE).
1987 In view of the many inventions, some of which are protected by patent, Hans Peter Kuhn is awarded the EHRENURKUNDE FÜR BESONDERE VERDIENSTE IM BEREICH DER INNOVATION UND DES TECHNOLOGIE TRANSFERS of the Trier Chamber of Trade, handed over by the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Rainer Brüderle. (HONORARY CERTIFICATE FOR SPECIAL SERVICES IN THE FIELD OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER)
1988 KUHN AUTO TECHNIK is the primary supplier of supplementary springs for motor home manufacturers.
1989 As many as 5 members of staff of the company are victorious at the FIAT Customer Service competition "TOP TEN".
1993 Automotive master engineer Jürgen Pesch, workshop manager at Kuhn, is one of the few victors at the Europe-wide FIAT Customer Service competition "TOP TECHNICIAN"
1994 Kuhn Auto Technik is one of the most important supplementary spring manufacturers in Europe.
1995 In the course of individual evaluations, the supplementary spring Kuhn-StahLift comes first out of all 7 European springs tested in the "Promobil supplementary spring comparison test".
1996 KUHN comes first in the "1st FIAT IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL COMPETITION". All of more than 1000 FIAT dealers in Germany were invited to compete, 200 proposals were evaluated and the 24 best proposals received certificates. 
1996 Master automotive engineer Jürgen Pesch and one of his staff win the Europe-wide FIAT Customer Service competition "TOP TECHNICIAN 1996". 
1997 Store manager Helmut Kappes and workshop manager Jürgen Pesch are honoured by being accepted into the PROFESSIONAL CLUB in recognition of outstanding customer service. 905 FIAT/Lancia/Alfa Romeo car dealers in Germany participated in this test. The 10 best service teams received this, the highest award.
1998 On 2nd June Kuhn again wins the Customer Service competition "PROFESSIONAL CLUB".
1998 At the end of the successful conclusion of the technical FIAT training program for the T.E.C. qualification, master automotive engineer Jürgen Pesch is recognised as Tecnico Esperto di Concessionaria. This title of T.E.C. enables him to make direct contact with the FIAT Customer Service headquarters TE.SE.O = Team Servizio Operativo, allowing him to offer customers optimal service even with the most difficult tasks.
1998 This certificate confirms that the quality management system of the company Kuhn Auto Technik satisfies the comprehensive requirements of the highest of the international standards DIN/EN/ISO 9001.
Team 1998


The Kuhn Team

2006 Kuhn car technology raises new challenges, new leadership - Team working in Zeltingen-Rachtig


In August 2006 Lenore and Robert Franz from Frankfurt took over, the management of this traditional company Kuhn Auto Technik in Zeltingen-Rachtig.

With fresh wind and new ideas they want to expand their service and workshop program is continuous and even better. Excellent foundations already exist

35 years ago drew the tradition of Kuhn Auto Technik moved from Bernkastel to the newly built premises in the industrial area "Ürziger mill." There has focused the work of automobile professionals to the early 80s to the Fiat service and to act as transportdealer and distributors to build a innovative vehicle workshop.
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Starting in 1982, began as an additional pillar to the development and production of automotive parts, especially in the suspension area.

With the success of the additional steel springs and air suspension systems have been presented by customers from the motorhome scene and positively received. There were full-airsuspension systems, larger fuel tanks, various Hubstützensysteme and various accessories, such as heaters and air conditioners for campers incorporated into the program.

With special training and courses was vigorously upgraded in the service sector and the selection is constantly expanding Gas testing will also be held, vehicles converted to LPG. Since 2003, the manufacturing sector to wheelchair transport vehicles has been extended.

In addition to the services, the new management would like to expand their services to classic car restoration, service and modification of off-road vehicles and the rental of cars and vans.

Furthermore, in future, individual vehicle conversions and custom solutions of any kind be carried out. Even a Goldschmitt-Suspension Parts-Service Center was established

in restoration the management has a experienced staff and a highly motivated service team to the side. A newly recruited by Mr. Franz is Chairman of the owner of a vintage car Opel Club, based in Frankfurt. This vehicle came after the restoration to Rüsselsheim presenting the latest Opel models. With this the start of many restaurant jobs from across Europe has been set

A special challenge presented a male from the Rhine-Main area to the firm of Kuhn, he wanted air suspension for his Rolls Royce from 1933

This vehicle has participated in the course of a vintage car event of a Swiss classic car clubs on the famous Peking-Paris rally

this vehicle with air suspension fully prepared for these hardships.

Such trust requires, and the team of Kuhn Auto Technik is aware of his great responsibility.

Not without reason, some people take a Directions from 900 kilometers , in order to give their favorite vehicles in the hands of the experienced mechanic

Through the new concept of management be secured existing jobs and creating new ones.

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